Update from The Netherlands

Greetings, Breda! A few months ago we didn’t know you were a place (sorry), and now we don’t want to leave.

Trip To Do List:

✔ Talked our way onto an earlier, nonstop flight… thanks Delta!

✔ Completed flight without violent re-accommodation… thanks Delta!

✔ Admired Van Gogh paintings

✔ Consumed too many stroopwafels

✔ Played 10 wonderful escape rooms

❒ Reviewed 10 wonderful escape rooms… stay tuned!

✔ Debated game design and the definition of art over beers

✔ Escaped with owners and enthusiasts from around the world

✔ Played a real life game of Ticket To Ride

❒ Presented to an audience in Breda about The Perspective of the Player’s Experience

❒ Spoke on a panel about the role of bloggers in the escape room industry

If you happen to be in the area, help us with these last two checkboxes; we’re on our own for the reviews. 

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