Packing for an Escape Room Marathon [Player Tips]

“What gear should I bring to an escape room marathon?”

Does a full day of escape rooms sound both thrilling and a little frightening?

A good way to limit the jitters is to show up prepared.

We try to travel light, but depending on the day’s schedule, here are a few things that we pack when we’re taking on a full day of adventure puzzling:

Snack & drinks

If you or your teammates are the hangry sort, snacks are a must.

Snacks are even more important if you’re:

  • Playing with strangers (who might push your buttons)
  • Playing unfamiliar games (without strong recommendations, you might find some duds… which I promise you will feel far worse on an empty stomach)
  • Not leaving enough time between games for meals

Here are some snacks we frequently pack:

And don’t forget to bring your hydration and caffeination of choice.

A black Contigo self-sealing thremos.

This auto-sealing, insulated travel mug is amazing. It comes in 16 & 20 ounce sizes and all of the colors.


Sometimes it’s tough to get the back-to-back-to-back bookings to work exactly as you were hoping for, and you might have some dead time in the schedule.

Here are a few fun-sized games and puzzles that can entertain your group during the down time:



If you’re anything like Lisa, cold is your archenemy. Bring your favorite hoodie or sweater for heavily air conditioned escape rooms.

Charger & battery

Don’t forget your phone charger. If you are depending on your phone to handle navigation (or car hailing), a good battery pack can provide extra juice.

Notebook & pen

If you’re marathoning escape rooms, you might also be the type of person who likes to take notes on the games. When it comes to notebooks, we have a bit of a Moleskin addiction, and we like these retractable-tip pens.


Finally, don’t forget to find a bag to carry everything. I have a strange weakness for hyper-organizable backpacks. This Peak Design backpack has become my go-to for work and all other things. It’s decadent, but I use it daily.

Enjoy your marathon!

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  1. For me the key thing is a hard copy of the itinerary. Address, phone number and timings (including game names). When you’re doing a serious marathon, you’re short of time. I need to know when I should stop talking to the GM and head off to the next game. When I’m (inevitably) running slightly late, I want to be able to phone ahead and let them know that I’m on my way. When signal is patchy, I don’t want to have to go to the (slow to load and navigate) company website to get the address. I’ve taken to printing out multiple copies and handing out one to each person on the team – if I’m driving or navigating, I want them to be able to call up (plus we’ll lose one or two copies as time goes on)

    It’s also the place where I keep details of spare games which I can shoe horn into my schedule if there’s space. I’m just coming across as an addict now, right?

    Which is fair – I’ve organised 20+ days with six or more games. 12 in 24 hours on one occasion. 43 games in six days on another. I’ve learned the hard way that you always want to have your itinerary to hand!

    1. We use Google Calendar for everything. Lisa crams every necessary detail into it.

      The iOS and Android apps both work offline, so it’s worked well for us.

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