Expedition Escape – Quest For The Throne [Review]

Quest for the Throne is one of the best escape rooms around Philadelphia, PA. Here are our recommendations for great escape rooms in the Philadelphia area.

June 2021: This game has been updated since the time of this review. Read more details in the comments.

That’s what I do. I puzzle and I know things.

Location: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Date played: June 24, 2017

Team size: 2-10; we recommend 3-5

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $112 for up to 4 players, then $28 for each additional ticket

Story & setting

With our claim to the throne usurped by a malevolent younger sibling, we had to sneak back into our family’s castle and find the proof we needed to claim the throne.

Quest For The Throne was set within a bright and cartoonish king’s study.

In-game: A chalice sitting on a purple clothed table, with a suit of armor and confessional booth in the background.


Quest For The Throne was a mixture of logic puzzles and tangible mechanical puzzles. There was something for everyone.


Quest For The Throne was at its best when it presented physically tangible puzzles. There were plenty of these moments.

The climax was amusing.


Quest For The Throne was a little too heavy on logic puzzles and laminated sheets of paper. The puzzles could have been more diverse and the paper-based puzzles could have been better worked into the environment.

There was a story in Quest For The Throne, but it was a little clunky and hard to follow.

Should I play Expedition Escape’s Quest For The Throne?

Quest For The Throne was a bright and friendly castle-themed escape room. It was family-friendly and approachable.

Quest For The Throne was at its best when the puzzles were tangible and required set-based interactions. If you don’t mind the laminated sheets of paper tucked in between these, you’ll have fun with this escape.

This would be a good entry into room escapes for newer players. It has approachable puzzling and solid puzzle flow.

More experienced players will likely play through this quickly, but find a few fun moments along the way.

Note that Quest For The Throne was designed by Andrew Parr of N.E.R.D. (New Escape Room Designs) and modified by Expedition Escape. It’s possible that players may have played other versions of this escape room in other facilities.

Book your hour with Expedition Escape’s Quest For The Throne, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Expedition Escape comped our tickets for this game.


  1. Hi there! Owner of Expedition Escape here!

    We absolutely loved having David and Lisa play and they just recently told us that we were able to comment on their reviews to let anyone looking to play about updates we’ve made!

    We still have this game as of 2021 at our King of Prussia location. We’ve updated it to not only have more of a story but also redesigned a lot of the puzzles to be craved into wood, rather than the lamination REA talks about here. We also reworked the puzzle flow to make it more non-linear and allow groups to work alongside each other. It’s still a great game for both newer and seasoned players.

    Feel free to check out all of our games at http://www.expeditionescape.com! You can see photos of all of them too!

    If you’re reading this, we hope to have you play soon!

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