On the sudden passing of a friend and supporting a great cause

A few days ago my colleague, neighbor, and above all, friend passed away without warning at the age of 29.

Jenn Marzulli was a quietly brilliant woman who would sit through multi-hour meetings silently listening to everyone prattle on about whatever they felt was important. Just when everyone thought they had everything figured out, she would ask one devastatingly insightful question that would make every person in the room rethink the approach.

Since childhood, Jenn had spent a lot of time admitted to the hospital due to a chronic illness. This was amplified over the last year. We frequently discussed the monotony of it all.

In her honor, I just bought a bunch of toys for a local children’s hospital:

Child's Play logo

Child’s Play is a charity that works to get games and toys into the hands of children who are in hospitals and domestic abuse shelters. You can donate to the charity, but every year I like to use their Amazon to send requested toys directly to the hospital or shelter.

No middle man. No “is this charity really doing what I want with my money?”

Just toys in the hands of kids who desperately need an escape.

Jenn was a low-key, zero bullshit person kind of person. This feels like the right way to honor her. I’m currently an ocean away from her funeral, but in doing this, I’m there in spirit and action.

Please consider buying a toy or two for children who are trapped because of circumstances beyond their control. You truly never know how long a life will last, so everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy it while they’re here.

Buy some toys through Child’s Play today.

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  1. Great article. Jenn was the love of my life. After she passed I got a tattoo in her honor. I’ll never get over losing her.

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