Meet me at Poland’s Escape Room Conference!

Here’s a pleasant surprise…

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ll be speaking at WroEscape, the escape room conference in Wrocław, Poland from October 27-29th.

Wro Escape logo features a lock melded with a lightbulb.

I’ll be discussing The Player Experience, conducting a Q&A, and generally floating around meeting many people and learning as much as I can about the escape room community in Poland.

This will be my first solo conference appearance as Lisa will not be able to make the trip… but she’ll be there in spirit while I explore the city that her grandfather hailed from (back when it was Breslau, Germany).

Thank you WroEscape for the invitation and coordination.

Feel free to reach out

I’m looking forward to meeting people, so feel free to reach out over Facebook, Twitter, or email.

I’m also eagerly seeking escape room recommendations and teammates. Note that I will have to play in English.

I also welcome food recommendations, as I pretty much eat and puzzle my way through the cities that I visit.

See you in Poland.

(Book tickets to WroEscape)


  1. Hi David.
    I’m happy that you’ll be at WroEscape. I hope that you’ll visit our stand there.

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