Mindquest – Legacy of Noo’Zaca [Review]

Legacy of Noo’Zaca is one of the best escape rooms in Budapest, Hungary. Here are our recommendations for other great escape rooms in Budapest.

Tomb Raider without the short shorts.

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Date played: August 25, 2017

Team size: 2-5; we recommend 2-3

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 10,000 HUF ($39) per team per team of 3-5 players; 6,000 HUF ($23) per team of 2 players

Story & setting

In the jungles of South America we set off on an expedition into a cursed temple to recover a mystical artifact.

Legacy of Noo’Zaca had a beautiful jungle temple set. It looked superb and the puzzling was deeply integrated into the surroundings.


Setup as an immersive adventure in the vein of Tomb RaiderLegacy of Noo’Zaca’s puzzles were all built into the set as physical and mechanical interactions. These all fit well and were good fun, even when they weren’t particularly challenging.


Legacy of Noo’Zaca was an adventure. It told a story through the puzzles, which integrated beautifully into the set.

As we moved through the puzzles, the gorgeous set continuously revealed hidden secrets. We became increasingly curious about what we’d uncover next, which enhanced the feeling of adventure.

Mindquest seamlessly integrated analogue and digital technology. We particularly loved a few late game mechanical puzzles.


One essential prop was in rough condition. Because of this, the interaction became frustrating.

While most of this experience was beautifully polished, we occasionally encountered exposed tech, which detracted from the magic of the space and could easily be covered up.

All too often, solving a puzzle triggered something to happen almost silently. Consequently, each time we solved a puzzle, we had to re-search the entire space to determine what had changed. A little bit of auditory or visual feedback from these opens would have gone a long way

Finally, Legacy of Noo’Zaca felt a little light on content. An extra puzzle or two would have made it a more complete room escape.

Should I play Mindquest’s Legacy of Noo’Zaca?

Legacy of Noo’Zaca was one of the prettiest and most professionally built games that we encountered in Budapest. It was a fun adventure with entertaining puzzles and good surprises.

As experienced players, we truly enjoyed the details in the set and the fantastic puzzle integration. We wished that it had lasted a little bit longer and given better feedback when we unlocked something.

Beginners will absolutely love Legacy of Noo’Zaca as it was pretty, entertaining, and still approachable.

If you’re in Budapest and love escape rooms, I would not miss Legacy of Noo’Zaca. 

Book your hour with Mindquest’s Legacy of Noo’Zaca, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

Full disclosure: Mindquest provided media discounted tickets for this game.

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