Room Escape Artist talks about the end of an exciting year on the REDivas Podcast!

Room Escape Divas Logo, a cartoon representation of the four hosts.

We adore chatting with the REDivas (Room Escape Divas), so of course, we couldn’t say no to another invitation to appear on their podcast.

The REDivas are Torontonian escape room enthusiasts/ podcasters Mike, Ruby, Manda, and Errol.

In this episode:

54 – Room Escape Artist and the Escape Room Industry

We apologize for the poor audio quality… Our microphone threw a tantrum. 

0:00 – Parody of “Bear Necessities”

1:00 – The proper pronunciation of our last name

My name is pronounced Spira

2:15 – WroEsacpe, the Polish Escape Room Conference, and Polish escape games (read more)

18:00 – Escape, Immerse, Explore NYC 2017 (read more)

31:40 – Holiday Buyer’s Guide (see the guide)

35:30 – Golden Lock-In, escape room trends, and interesting things that we’ve seen this year

In summary

“Some of these owners are so insane, and us players are going to benefit from it… incredibly.” – David Spira


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