Haribo Gold-Bears Mystery Flavors [Review]

These don’t suck.

Manufacturer: Haribou

Team size: A 4-ounce package contains 54 bears. Recommended team size… depends on how much you like gummy bears.

Story & setting

Haribo has 5 mystery flavors in their limited edition Gold-Bears Mystery Flavors package.

We love food and we love mysteries… so for better or worse, we’re doing this.

Haribo mystery flavors packaging. A bear holding a big question mark.

Could we guess the flavors for the following 5 bears: yellow, blue, pink, red, and orange?

With each correct guess, we were entered to win a mystery box of HARIBO® swag and treats. The more correct guesses, the more contest entries. And with stakes like that, who could possibly say no to this challenge?

The packaging and bears looked pretty normal.


The mystery bears looks like regular gummy bears, but in slightly different colors. They had the same feel and consistency. The puzzle was in the flavor.

There was an extra puzzle to tell the difference between the yellow and orange bears.

The 5 colors of gummy bears laid out. The orange and yellow bears are very similar.


There are 5 mystery flavors in one package. It’s a fun group solving activity.

If you like gummy bears, you’re going to like these. While these aren’t typical gummy candy flavors, they aren’t the types of flavors that you’d want to keep far from gummy candy.

Once you submit your answers on the Haribo website (given multiple choice options), you’ll receive immediate feedback whether you guessed correctly. This isn’t a brain buster.

The maroon bears were especially enjoyable.


The yellow bear and the orange bear look remarkably similar, but are distinct flavors. If you don’t set up your tasting session under a light source, you’ll be at risk of mixing up the colors.

I haven’t seen the prize, but it sounds lame in comparison to the prize for the Limited Edition Mystery Oreos contest.

Should I eat Haribo Gold-Bears Mystery Flavors?

David and I aren’t huge gummy bear fans. Our candy of choice is always chocolate. However, friends who like gummy bears think that these are pretty delicious.

Back in 2013, I made a gummy bear birthday cake. I dissolved the gummy bears and turned them into frosting. I added gummy bear flavors into the cake batter. This cake was overwhelmingly one flavor. It was a huge hit with the birthday girl, but to me, it just tasted like artificial lime. This is all to say that more variety is a good thing.

I commend Haribo for making palatable and guessable mystery flavors. We didn’t love them all, but they worked.

It’s pretty fun mystery game for a small group and it provides immediate feedback.

If you’re a gummy bear fan, or you can’t resist a mystery, order yourself a package of Haribo Gold-Bears Mystery Flavors.

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