Contact Information: Escape Room Corporate

So, you’re trying to find the people in charge of all of these escape rooms that seem to be popping up all over the place?

You’re looking for a contact form, phone number or email address because you want to:

  • buy an escape room franchise
  • compliment the fantastic gamemaster who oversaw your escape game
  • reserve space for a large corporate group
  • file a complaint about the poor customer service that you received while visiting an escape room
  • ask whether you can bring your children to an escape room
  • determine whether an escape room facility is handicapped accessible

Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to help you out.

There is no “escape room corporate.”

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Escape Rooms Businesses

Escape rooms are a worldwide phenomenon. A handful of chains notwithstanding, escape rooms are largely independent ventures.

There are over 2,000 escape room facilities in the United States alone. The overwhelming majority of them are independently owned, designed, and operated… even if a lot of them have remarkably similar names.

No company or individual solely created the concept, nor does anyone own the idea and name “escape room.” I explained the history of escape rooms a while back.

We Can’t Solve Your Issues

We’ve been writing about the escape room industry, reviewing games, and tracking the growth of the movement since the fall of 2014. For nearly as long, we’ve received regular emails and social media communication from people who think that we’re in charge of escape rooms.

We receive a lot of corporate booking requests… and a whole lot of customer service issues. As interesting as these messages are, we usually can’t help out. (One time we knew an answer and provided it, CCing the owner of the company in question.)

Contacting Escape Room Companies

To contact an escape room, find the website of the individual company that you will visit or have visited. It should have an email address, contact form, social media link, or phone number.

Good Time / Bad Time?

If you had a miserable time in an escape room, trust us that there are better ones out there. Please don’t give up on the concept because you happened upon a dud. This we can help with: Contact us for an escape room recommendation.

If you played an escape room and enjoyed it, there are so many more fantastic ones out there. This we help with: We have a map & spreadsheet of them.

Good luck and have fun.

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