Generate a Room Escape Company Name

Do you need to name your new room escape company?

Do you need a name that captures the idea of escape or puzzles or action or awesomeness?

Do you need a name that sounds like all the others, but is truly your own?

Then we have the tool for you: Room Escape Artist presents the Room Escape Name Generator.


Popular room escape name words

As more room escape companies open their doors, it can be difficult for the most dedicated enthusiasts to tell them apart.

According to statistics compiled in October 2016, the following words appeared most frequently in company names:

  • roughly 2 out of 3 companies have the word “escape” in their name
  • roughly 1 out of 3 companies have the word “room” in their name

A few more of the many frequently used words included:

  • game
  • lock
  • breakout
  • puzzle
  • trap
  • adventure
  • key

As an industry, either we pour all our creative juices into puzzles, leaving nothing left for our names, or we are incredibly concerned that people won’t know what this industry is about without a narrowly descriptive company name.

Name generator

The Escape Room Name Generator will make the company naming task even easier.

This genre of entertainment is about escape, puzzles, locks and keys, live adventure, and confined spaces. We’ve taken all the words you need in those categories, tossed in a pinch of adjectives for awesomeness, a dash of cities, and a handful of snark to help you differentiate yourself from others who happened to make the same name selection.

Room Escape Artist built the Room Escape Name Generator in collaboration with Drew Nelson, and leverages the WTF Engine (which is why its tone is just a bit different from our typical style). Bandwidth is provided by Brett Kuehner.

It outputs a lot of silliness, but it also comes up with some surprisingly awesome names.

Have a go at it!


It’s challenging to evoke the right emotion, branding, and marketing with a name that’s remarkable and memorable.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Locurio
  • Wizards and Wires
  • Steel Owl
  • Down the Rabbit Hole

And we are especially found of puns:

  • Fox in a Box
  • CryptIQ
  • Puzzlephant
  • PerplEXIT

Or, maybe we just like portmanteaus.

*These shoutouts are for company name alone and are not indicative of high (or low) game quality.

Data behind the app

The data driving the app was compiled in mid-October 2016. At the time of data compilation, there were 1,257 companies in our spreadsheet of room escape companies in the United States, just over the Canadian border, and in Central America and the Caribbean.

Enjoy the Room Escape Name Generator… and resist the urge to take it too seriously.

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