Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN: Escape Room Recommendations

Latest Update: September 28, 2022

Escape rooms are a fantastic indoor activity to avoid the cold winters of Minnesota. They are also a great activity if you’re finding the beautiful summers just a little too perfect.

Here are our favorite escape rooms in the Twin Cities. They are split into categories because we <3 nuance.

Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota Escape Room Guide

Market Standouts

If you only have time for a few games, play these:

  1. Witchcraft Alley, Trapped Puzzle Rooms
  2. The Dungeon, PuzzleWorks
  3. Eternity Battle: A Super Sequel, Trapped Puzzle Rooms
  4. The Hospital, PuzzleWorks
  5. The Vault, PuzzleWorks

Set & Scenery-Driven Adventures




You are always welcome to contact us if this recommendation list doesn’t answer your specific questions.


  1. Hi Lisa, I’ve done escape rooms in Hungary and Omaha. Never heard of them putting our group together with strangers. Do you know of Escape rooms that do NOT use that “business model”. I tried the Mission Manor, and they left us alone and that was awsome, but looking for others. Thanks!

    1. This is a common business model in much of the US, especially in major cities. In our more recent reviews, we note at the top whether a game is “Public Ticketing” or “Private Ticketing.” However, our reviews from Minneapolis predate this designation. I can’t say for sure which companies in Minneapolis offer private ticketing. You’ll likely have to check their websites. If they don’t offer it, it’s worth calling and asking whether you could play privately, especially if you aren’t looking to book during their most popular bookings times.

    1. Yes! And the good news is… our writer Matthew Stein recently visited the region. You’ll see his reviews and an update to this guide soon.

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