Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN: Room Escape Recommendations

Escape rooms are a fantastic indoor activity to avoid the cold winters of Minnesota. They are also a great activity if you’re finding the beautiful summers just a little too perfect.

Here are our favorite escape rooms in the Twin Cities. They are split into categories because we <3 nuance.

1st Building

Market standouts

If you only have time for a few games, play these:

  1. Utopia, Riddle Room
  2. The Vault, PuzzleWorks
  3. Gold Rush, The Escape Game (played and reviewed in Orlando)
  4. Very Potter Escape, Trapped Puzzle Rooms
  5. Ruin Raiders, Missing Pieces Escape Games
  6. Professor Jones’ Office, Lock and Key Escape Rooms

Set & scenery-driven adventures




You are always welcome to contact us if this recommendation list doesn’t answer your specific questions.

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