The Conjurer’s Almanaq: Escape This Book on Kickstarter

Roy Leban’s The Librarian’s Almanaq is a puzzle book that many trusted puzzler friends highly recommend. We haven’t played through it yet, but it is literally sitting on our table waiting for us to dive in. We’ll get to it soon and a review will follow.

Based on its reputation, we’re also backing The Conjurer’s Almanaq: Escape This Book.

The Conjurer's Almanaq: Escape This Book cover.

The Conjurer’s Almanaq: Escape This Book

Leban’s latest Kickstarter has a few days remaining. It has already raised three times its funding goal and activated half a dozen stretch goals.

This sequel is another imaginative puzzle book designed for 1-3 players.

While there will also be a scaled back black & white print edition available, the Kickstarter one will use higher quality materials and contain extra puzzle content. If that sounds enticing to you, consider backing them… or wait for our review and the black & white edition when that comes to market.

Back the Conjurer’s Almanaq: Escape This Book on Kickstarter while you still can.

(If you purchase via our Amazon links, you will help support Room Escape Artist as we will receive a very small percentage of the sale.)

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