My Prexcyt Quest Experience in GIFs

Prexcyt Quest was a lengthy puzzling event and I am not an experienced puzzle hunter.

My goals: level up my skills and have fun.

I absolutely improved my skills and had a lot of fun… but my journey was amusingly bumpy.


The Cryptex Hunt is still live and you can still complete it.

This post will not contain any puzzle answers, but it will contain structural spoilers and some hints.

… and this post won’t really make much sense if you don’t know the context of each puzzle.

… and this is all kind of self-indulgent.



“Woot! We’re starting… and we’re overthinking.”

Ski race starting, and one skier falling flat on his face.


Guy with black eye saying,

Hall of Heroes

Guys saying, I got this

Magic Words

Magician in a pink unicorn shirt pulls flowers out from behind his head.


Robot with flashing eyes dancing

Light Grid

Elmo and Jimmy Fallon dancing.

Haunted House

Dan Aykroyd in Ghostbusters looking at creepy stairway asking,


At first glance?

Schwarzenegger in The Last Action Hero smoking a cigar and asking,

Half a day later?

Schwarzenegger in The Last Action Hero smoking a cigar stating,

Temple of Mill “Oh… It’s a Meta!”

2017 darts premier league final, perfect score, thrower celebrates.

Temple of Lum “The Errol Process”

Bowie asking,

Temple of Nor – “Surprisingly Straightforward”

Solved it fast… then thwarted by a bug.

Julius Thomas spiking a football, then it bounces back into his face.

Pillar of Fire – “The one where I had all of the information but thought it was a joke”

Billy Joel slapping his hands on a keyboard with a fire burning behind him

Pillar of Poison – “Prexcyt Go Outside in the Winter”

The Rock saying,

Bruce Willis saying,

Pillar of Electric – “Catan 2: Electric Boogaloo”

John Travolta in a suit lost on an island.

Pillar of Ice – “Mudpen”

After solving the puzzle in 23 minutes.

Commander Riker's blank expression slowing transforming into a an elated smile.

After looking at the leaderboard and realizing that I ranked 63rd on this puzzle.

Captain Picard facepalming.

After reflecting upon the quality of the competition and my place among them.

Spock saying

Pillar of Acid – “Word Spell Backwards”

“Another map? Ok. I can handle this… oh no… not cryptic crosswords…”

Superman catching a bullet, then it explodes into a cloud of kryptonite.


A black Master Lock Directional Lock

Patchwork House – “OMG it’s a Golden Lock-In puzzle!”

Surprised snow owl slowly turning its head.

Wow… It’s a Golden Lock-In puzzle. Everything in this puzzle is about us?!

Woman blushing.

Cute kid with a aww shucks expression resting his head in his hands.

The 10 Puzzle Finale

After puzzle 1:

Morpheus Come At Me

Puzzle 2:

Skin diver swimming off into darkness and disappearing.

Also puzzle 2

Dog floating around in space labeled,

Puzzle 3

A green blob character laying on his back holding a waiving white flag.

Thank Yous

I’d like to thank all of the people who I teamed up with at various points in the hunt. Fro, Andrea, Glyn, Theresa, Ken, Amanda, and Drew. We took turns carrying one another. I’m so glad we did.

Thank you to the creators of the hunt and all of the people who supported them. Y’all are absolutely insane… Go take a nap.


  1. I could give you a little bit of a push on #3 if you like… if only because I seem to need some help on #5.

    1. If I was still working on it, I would take you up on that.

      Since the hunt has been won, I know that the hunt’s creators are currently working on adding structured hints to the finale puzzles.

      In the mean time, if you’re looking for help, you can also hop into the Escape Room “Secret Slack.”

  2. I am 100% sure that I derived more enjoyment reading/viewing the summary of your Prexcyt Quest experience than I would have if I had chosen to participate (not my thang). I always read every one of your posts – even if the topic is not likely to be of interest. Why? I give you several reasons…1) Succinctly educational/informative, 2) Well written (logical, vocabulary/grammar/spelling, structure), 3) Constructively humorous. There is nothing wrong with one being entertained while one is being educated!!! 🙂

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