The Crazy Story of a Real Life Treasure Hunt

Nerdwriter, one of my favorite YouTube channels, created a video essay about a children’s book with hidden puzzles to a real life treasure: MASQUERADE, by Kit Williams.

MASQUERADE's cover a boy with a rabbit mask running around a flowering tree.

The story of this book is pretty strange and created the niche treasure hunt book genre that has inspired geocaching as well as escape rooms (which get a mention in the video).

Spoiler warning: This video will explain the rather complicated puzzles contained within the book. If you care to try and solve this puzzle even though the treasure has been found, you’ve been warned. 

I hadn’t heard of MASQUERADE before watching this, but I’ve now ordered a copy.

In the mean time, the book is out of print, but there are copies available used on Amazon for a few dollars if it interests you.

(If you purchase via our Amazon links, you will help support Room Escape Artist as we will receive a very small percentage of the sale.)

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