S’Mores, Fire-breathing, and the REDivas Podcast

On our recent trip to Los Angeles, Ariel Rubin, half the duo behind Escape Room in a Box, hosted a s’mores-eating get together at her home. By delightful happenstance, Errol of the REDivas was in LA at the same time… so he recorded an episode.

Errol covers a lot of topics as he bounces between the different guests.

Stash House post game photo promoting the REDivas podcast. Images features, Errol, Brian, Cam, Tammy, Amanda, Lisa, & David.

We talk about the Escape Room & Immersive Entertainment Shindig we hosted in Los Angeles at Hatch Escapes, something we’re excited to bring to other cities in the future.

Tammy McLeod and Errol talk about our team playing Stash House.

Amanda Harris, one of the most experienced escape room players in the world, talks about… well… playing escape rooms.

David’s childhood friend Brian Resler tells Errol how he played an important role in the start of Room Escape Artist. Brian and his wife Cam also talk a bit about playing escape rooms with us.

Sarah Wilson, our new Los Angeles correspondent, talks about writing, video games, and order preservation puzzles.

Ariel paints a picture of how Escape Room in a Box started and her 1-year-old daughter Belle shares her thoughts on the future of immersive entertainment… but Ariel’s husband Mike steals the show, literally, when he emerges with a torch and Errol pauses the podcast recording for the fire-breathing.


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