Tune in for the a Livestream of the 4th Annual Golden Lock-In Awards

On January 2, 2019 we will publish the 2018 Golden Lock-In Award winners.

But we won’t publish this at 10:01am Eastern.

This year, we will be livestreaming the Golden Lock-In Award announcement in the evening. Tune in at 8:30pm Eastern to hear us talk a bit about the games that are winning this award.

The official posting of the winners will publish on January 2, 2019, immediately following the live broadcast.

2018 Golden Lock-In Award features an open REA padlock with a golden ring around it.

What to Expect

Should I Tune in?

Yes. We’ll be highlighting some incredible escape rooms.

We’ll be telling the story of our favorite escape rooms we played in 2018. In the broadcast, we’ll give you a bit more context around the list of winners.

The Golden Lock-In awards won’t be the only announcement that day… We have other news to share. 

Wait, what are you talking about?

This will be the fourth year we announce the winners of the Golden Lock-In Award. For more information about the award, check out our announcements of the past winners:


  1. Oh yeah! This will be better than the Academy Awards! Do I need to wear a tux?

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