“Secret” Escape Room Slack 101

The “Secret” Escape Room Slack is a chat community that’s been around for about 3 years. It’s frequented by the most experienced escape room players and many player/ owners.

It’s a place where people talk shop, exchange ideas, and socialize. (Plenty of the conversation deviates from escape rooms.) It’s where Lisa and I go if we are looking to talk out new ideas or get input.

Slack's multicolor hashtag logo.

This community has given rise to all sorts of collaborations including the:

Joining the Secret Escape Room Slack

Joining is simple.

Input your email address on this one question form to receive an invite:

From there, follow the instructions and link that show up in your email.

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How To Use Slack

Slack is essentially a chat service… so it isn’t doing anything especially foreign. The chat options include:

  • Channels: Group chats that come in two flavors: open to the public and secret invitation only.
  • Direct Messages: Private one-on-one or small group chats like with Facebook Messenger or text messaging.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on the finer points of using Slack, give this a view. It’s not essential viewing, but it does have some useful information:

It’s not complicated.


When you first join, you’ll find yourself dumped into the #general channel. Someone will undoubtedly greet you.

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A lot of good conversation happens in #general, but the real magic happens in the topical and regional channels. These are a few of the most active channels:

Topical Channels

  • #boardgames
  • #news
  • #rants
  • #top_rooms_project
  • #videogames

Regional Channels

  • #boston
  • #norcal
  • #nyc
  • #socal

Making New Channels

Anyone can create a new channel by clicking the “+” in “Channels.”

If you’ve got a region or topic that you want to turn into an ongoing discussion, it’s all very open. Occasionally someone blows through and terminates channels where there isn’t ever any conversation.

Secret Room Escape Artist Channel

Finally, if you’re a Room Escape Artist Patreon supporter, just direct message @REALisa or @READavid when you join Slack, and we’ll grant you access to our secret channel.

If you aren’t a Patreon supporter, please consider helping us out. We put a ton of effort and love into everything that we create and financial support is critical to helping us grow more sustainably in the future.

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