Escape Room Notebook [Review]

This was my absolute dumbest Amazon purchase.

The cover of the navy blue journal reads, "Escape Room Notebook"

We take a lot of handwritten notes about the games that we play and the posts that we’re thinking up. As a result, we burn through a few notebooks per year. So when I was perusing Amazon at 3AM and happened upon the “Escape Room Notebook” I figured, why not? 

I’m not going to pretend that this deserves a full review.

A blank notebook with horizontal rules.

Quick Review

It’s a 6” x 9” inch notebook with 150 ruled pages. As a child, Lisa would have referred to this as an “empty book.”

The cover is flimsy. It’s filled with printer paper. The rules are laser printed. It has no bookmark. The corners aren’t rounded. It’s adequate as a notebook if it never leaves your desk.

The binding of the navy blue journal reads "Escape Room."

We made it our own, with our stickers for decoration, as we do with most of our notebooks. Its inaugural trip was our escape room marathon weekend in Austin and San Antonio. We took a lot a notes!

As we packed up for the journey home, however, we noticed it was already showing a lot of wear. It’s too easy to damage. This will likely be the first notebook that we retire before filling its pages. 

I have no idea why this product exists… but I’m still kind of amused by it. 

If for some reason you’ve read this far and actually want to be the confounded owner of this mediocre notebook, then by all means, get yourself one for $7 on Amazon.

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  1. I would have thought you would have used a Spiral bound notebook.


    Couldn’t resist!

  2. Oi, jeez. Seems like a joke product, the kind of thing you find in a gift shop for unimaginative people.

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