Our Custom Morse Code Doormat

Back in February we bought our first house… which was a bit of an adventure… and continues to be one. Some chaos notwithstanding, our new house and neighborhood are lovely.

We wanted people to understand our values before entering… so we designed a doormat to convey the message.


I commissioned Etsy store DamnGoodDoormats to produce this:

Morse code welcome mat reads, -.- -. --- -.-. -.-, -.- -. --- -.-. -.-.

I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I also asked DamnGoodDoormats to put the Morse Code Mat up on their store so that anyone can buy one.


  1. I’m not very good with Morse code but I think I’ve translated it correctly, “Nerds Live Here”. LOL All Love, Dave

  2. Who’s there? Actually I personally prefer people ring the bell as I never hear people knocking when I’m upstairs. But still very cool!

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