Puzzle Warehouse – St. Louis [Reaction]

St Louis isn’t exactly the hottest escape room city. However, if you’re a traveling puzzler there is a delightful place just outside of town: Puzzle Warehouse.

Puzzle Warehouse exterior and sign.

What’s a Puzzle Warehouse?

The Puzzle Warehouse claims that it is the largest jigsaw puzzle store in the United States… and I am inclined to believe them.

They have aisles upon aisles of jigsaw puzzles as well as a respectable mechanical puzzle section.

A very long aisle filled with jigsaw puzzle boxes.

Should I Visit Puzzle Warehouse?

Not every escape room player is into jigsaw puzzles.

If you don’t get the appeal of a good jigsaw puzzle, then you can skip Puzzle Warehouse.

If you heard “aisles upon aisles of jigsaw puzzles” and thought, “I’ll pack an empty suitcase,” then you probably should go.

Shopping carts in the Puzzle Warehouse
They have shopping carts. Process that.

Visit Puzzle Warehouse, and tell them that the Room Escape Artist sent you.

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  1. Ahh, jigsaw puzzles. They are for people who can’t afford to go out. They are for rainy days or days recuperating from an illness or when the cable goes out or the satellite is down. They are giant time sucks for the bored or the professional procrastinators or those who are avoiding chores and other responsibilities. Who has time for jigsaw puzzles? Turns out, I do.

    By focusing on a puzzle I tune out everything else. It is a form of relaxation/isolation/sanctuary. They can be enjoyed alone or with others. You can get up an walk away to answer the phone, make coffee or address whatever requires your attention – even if it takes days. There are no spoilage dates, timeouts or battery life issues.

    I ordered 9 puzzles (had to get free shipping) and am so happy I don’t have to comb through the “stacks” at all my local sources trying to find one I haven’t done already. Pricing was very good and the number of choices was gigantic.

    Thanks REA!!

    P.S. I let Puzzle Warehouse know it was all your fault 🙂

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