My Mechanics Machines a Bolt Into a Combination Lock

🤯 Here is an incredible mixture of the right tools, a ton of skill… and a lot of thought.

3 Thoughts

  • You can tell that this person is skilled, not just by the quality of the finished product, but also by the lack of hand damage.
  • I can’t tell if those divots were false gates machined onto each disk or if they are just there to make it click when twisted.
  • If I could add one more thing, it would be an indicator line for the code.
A beautiful hand machined steel and brass 5 disck combination lock.

This beauty really should find its way to the LockPickingLawyer for testing.

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  1. The lack of hand damage is impressive. I have cuts and scratches and scuffs on my hands and I’m doing a lot less hand work than he does! Yes, I believe the divots were for the bearings and to make the clicks. There does not seem to be any false gating that I could see, but his precision machining and quality materials would make picking less likely (but still possible). DEFINATELY an indicator marking would be needed and I would personally add a changeable code feature as once someone knows the code, you need a new lock.

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