Save the Date: The 2019 Golden Lock Awards Livestream

The 5th Annual Golden Lock Award winners will be announced live on Saturday, January 4.

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Key Details

Date: Saturday, January 4
Time: 8pm Eastern
Duration: Less than 30 minutes

More Details

Stay tuned for the livestream link, which we will share on January 1, 2020.

About the Golden Lock Award

Room Escape Artist will bestow the the Golden Lock Award upon our favorite escape rooms that we played in 2019.

Check out our list of previous winners to learn more about the award and read about some phenomenal games:

Dropping the “In”

Eagle-eyed readers will note that we’ve renamed our annual award the Golden Lock, as opposed to the Golden Lock-In.

We decided to drop the wordplay after the fire in Poland. Locking players inside of an escape room hasn’t been acceptable for a long time and we don’t want to encourage it in any way.

Escape rooms as a medium, especially the ones winning this award, have moved beyond the basic concept of “players are locked in a room and need to escape.”

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