REA on Escape This Podcast – Season 6, Episode 1

Update 6/6/23: If you enjoy Escape This Podcast, we hope you’ll check out our interview with creators Bill Sunderland and Dani Siller Driscoll on The Reality Escape Pod.

We’ve missed Escape this Podcast. It’s been quite some time since we solved the finale of season 2. We were thrilled to be back in action this week for the start of Season 6.

Thank you Dani and Bill for letting us kick off the newest season of at Escape This Podcast: Chronomaly.

The Escape This Podcast labyrinth microphone logo

What is Escape This Podcast?

This is an audio escape room. Dani creates each scenario, complete with a set, characters, and puzzles. Bill plays a character in the world of this season. David and I arrived – over the magic of the internet and audio recording (which was way too echoey) – to solve the puzzles and escape the room!

Listen Here!

You can listen to our episode here.

But before you do this, check out the season introduction here.

In the following episodes, other guests will travel through time examining the worlds of the past and correcting the time-stream.

RECON Update

Lastly you can learn more about the Reality Escape Convention in this episode. We loved discussing this project with Dani and Bill.

RECON is our latest crazy passion project and we’re incredibly excited to bring this event to the immersive gaming community.

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