Escape This Podcast – We kicked cultist butt on the Season 2 Finale

Update 6/6/23: If you enjoy Escape This Podcast, we hope you’ll check out our interview with creators Bill Sunderland and Dani Siller Driscoll on The Reality Escape Pod.

We’ve been big fans of Escape This Podcast since it launched last year… and we finally got to play!

The Escape This Podcast labyrinth microphone logo

What’s Escape This Podcast?

Creators Dani & Bill have merged escape rooms with Dungeons & Dragons-like roleplaying (without the dice rolls) and recorded it in podcast form.

Dani writes and “dungeon masters” the episodes.

Bill plays along with the guests.

You’re free to play along at home (and scream at the players) or simply listen to the episode’s guest(s) play.

Season 2

Escape This Podcast’s second season told one big story with 10 self-contained episodes.

To quickly summarize the plot:

A mysterious puzzle-obsessed cult had gassed an entire town, making everyone apathetic so that they could implement their evil master plan. A few people had been unaffected by the gas and have been trying to stop the cult.

We joined up with Bill to finish the job.

Our Episode

You can listen our episode now.

Ready to record, our computer, microphone, mixer, drinks, and colored pens were laid out.
In spite of a serious audio setup… I managed to botch our audio :/ #NeverAgain

Lisa drew quite the map with our favorite FriXion pens throughout our gameplay. If you seriously inspect it, it’s spoilery… You’ve been warned.

Spoiler - Map

This is filled with spoilers; it just might take a lot of interpretation.A multicolored map of the Amusement park setting for Escape This Podcast Season 2 Episode 10.


We had a ton of fun and a lot of laughs. We are even more impressed with Escape This Podcast after having played it. Dani is brilliant and devious… which is one of the highest compliments I give.

I hope that you have as much fun listening to our episode as we had recording it.

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