Next on the RECON Stage: Strange Bird Immersive

We are thrilled to announce that Haley and Cameron Cooper from Strange Bird Immersive in Houston, Texas, are speaking at RECON, our upcoming escape room convention.

The Duo

Haley and Cameron are kindred spirits. Like us, they are two sides of one… everything. They are partners in life, and also in the creative and business aspects of experience design.

Many times, people have told me how beautiful it is to see David and me together on the stage, presenting one message together. Haley and Cameron will bring that same complementary energy to the RECON stage.

Haley Cooper on the left and Cameron Cooper on the right, both in costume as actors in Strange Bird Immersive's The Man from Beyond


Haley is the voice of Strange Bird Immersive through her blog Immersology, which chronicles the unique challenges of storytelling through gameplay, and Strange Bird’s discoveries and approaches to tackling this.

Fun Fact: The first email we ever received from Haley was titled “April Fool’s: Escape the Cat Café.” She is David’s kindred spirit for sure… cough Escape Room Random Player Theory cough.


Cameron is the magic behind the scenes at Strange Bird Immersive. He uses light, sound, and video to bring memorable moments to life. His work affects the players in ways they may not notice, but brings Strange Bird Immersive’s storytelling to a level that few can rival.

Fun Fact: When I first spoke to Cameron, I was calling Strange Bird Immersive from the porch of a crowded restaurant in Baton Rouge, trying to determine whether it would be feasible to drive 5 hours to play The Man From Beyond the next day. I was confused because I didn’t know Cameron. He hadn’t sent us email about April Fool’s cats and we didn’t read his blog. But Cameron – my kindred spirit for sure – made our impromptu visit happen.

The Dramatic Twist

… is the topic of their talk. It’s a storytelling technique that is underused in escape rooms. They’ll talk about the impact of this moment in experience design. Furthermore, they’ll give you actionable insights – from their different vantage points – as to how you can shape your stories.

The Man From Beyond

Haley and Cameron Cooper have a stellar resume. Their first escape room, The Man from Beyond, won a 2017 Golden Lock Award and is currently ranked as the #1 game in North America by Top Escape Rooms Project (TERPECA).

They believe in the ability of escape rooms to transform audiences in a personal and lasting manner. They have already done so. The Man From Beyond is the only escape room to date that has brought tears to our eyes. I can assure you that you don’t want to miss their talk at RECON.

Who Else?

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Attend RECON

  • Date: August 23-24, 2020
  • Location: Boston, MA

Your ticket to RECON reserves your space at these talks. You’ll have a chance to learn from Haley and Cameron – as well as Nick Moran and Errol Elumir – and join their conversations. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss their talks with others, as you help each other determine what these insights will mean to your businesses.

Tickets are on sale now at the early bird price!

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