Announcing: 2 RECON Speakers!

RECON is going to have a stellar speaker lineup. The first two speakers have already been announced!

Nick Moran – London

One of our favorite things about playing escape rooms with Nick is discussing them with him over coffee or cocktails. He is so talented at noticing details about game design and articulating his thoughts.

We’ve heard Nick speak about escape room design to many different audiences, large and small. He is clear, polished, and witty.

A beautiful shiba on a train platform at night.
This photo of Nick Moran’s dog Elinor was stolen and published without permission.

On the RECON stage, Nick will be talking about Intellectual Property. He has extensive experience working with IP as Game Director of Sherlock: The Game Is Now, in collaboration with Hartswood Films.

Read his full bio on the RECON website.

Fun Fact: The day we met Nick, he and David debated the definition of art for two hours at a cafe in Amsterdam.

Errol Elumir – Toronto

The one time we played an escape room with Errol, he started by putting on a show… and concluded by solving an incredibly challenging puzzle that had already stumped a few teammates. And that’s Errol, in a nutshell.

Errol is a talented puzzle designer who has given much thought to his craft, and has written extensively about escape room puzzle design. He’ll be sharing his deep knowledge of puzzle design at RECON. Live – on stage, in an escape room, or pretty much any time – he is energetic and entertaining.

Comic of Errol screaming "AAAHHHH!!!"
Errol is also a cartoonist.

Read his full bio on the RECON website.

Fun Fact: We first reached out to Errol in 2015 when a REA reader asked for tips for playing escape rooms with children. We knew he’d have insights to share and he delivered.

Who Else?

You’ll have to wait and see!

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Attend RECON

  • Date: August 23-24, 2020
  • Location: Boston, MA

Your ticket to RECON reserves your space at these talks. You’ll have a chance to learn from Nick and Errol and ask them questions. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss their talks with others, as you help each other determine what their insights will mean to your businesses.

Tickets are on sale now at the early bird price!

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