Next on the RECON Stage: Bizzaro, Krystal, & Greg – The Test Subjects

This week, the Reality Escape Convention (RECON) announced the trio of Bizzaro, Krystal, & Greg, aka The Test Subjects, as a speakers at this year’s digital, global RECON.

The Test Subjects, 3 people's heads in jars on a table.

The Test Subjects will be speaking about creativity. Bizzaro, Krystal, & Greg will bring their unique blend of magic and madness to help game creators escape the usual tropes that make escape rooms feel generic or uninspired.

They will share tools and modes of thinking that will help you create more interesting and vivid worlds. It’s going to be fun… and it’s going to be different.

About The Test Subjects

Bizzaro, Krystal, and Greg are three Las Vegas magicians who have combined their love of video games, comic books, magic, and other nerdy stuff to create a consulting business making props, puzzles, and scenarios for escape rooms.

Bizzaro is the problem solver. Krystal is the keeper of the keys. Greg is the theme park junkie and immersion expert. Read their full bio to learn more… like where you might have seen them on TV.

Join us at RECON

RECON ’20 is a free digital event with curated talks covering aspects of experience design in physical and digital media. The RECON team is excited to welcome Bizzaro, Krystal, & Greg to the RECON stage.

RECON is about sharing knowledge and building community. You’re invited to join in strengthening a sustainable escape room industry that recognizes creators, players, and the challenges of 2020.

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