Now Available: RECON Swag

We have some pretty nifty RECON swag… and it is now available for purchase.

David’s looking cool in the RECON Hoodie.

Swag Options

The t-shirts and the sweatshirts are pretty great. We have men’s and women’s cut t-shirts. The shirt design is special for RECON ’20 Global, complete with a hidden message.

The sticker will look great on a laptop, notebook, or water bottle.

Notebook with the RECON die-cut sticker.

Your RECON mug can come with you to all your online escape rooms – whether you’re playing, creating, or gamemastering.

However, the mask is something special. It’s the accessory of 2020… and it displays the RECON insignia as argyle.

Lisa modeling the RECON Argyle mask.

Support RECON

RECON is a free event. Your purchase of RECON swag helps make this event possible. Please help us cover our costs by buying these limited edition RECON ’20 Global accessories.


  1. Unfortunately, the socks were not everything we’d dreamed of and we could not, in good faith, sell them. They looked great in the renderings, but turned out terrible in real life. They suffer from the problem of “one size fits none,” and didn’t align the pattern properly. In the future, we’ll find a way to make the amazing socks we all want.

    But the argyle worked great for the mask!

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