Next on the RECON Stage: Escape Room Bloggers

There is only one more week until RECON and we’re excited to announce the first of two panels: the Blogger Bonanza

This will be a fast-paced, lively conversation.

Who’s Who?

  • Stefan Bauer & Alex Osorio in hats with ears at Disney
  • Victor Espriu & Maria José Navarro sitting at a table
  • Cici Cao & Brandon Chow in a steampunk game
  • Ken Ferguson head shot
  • Randy Hum with his wife
  • Sebastian Miska head shot
  • Toby Powell head shot

Read their bios on the RECON website.

About the Panel

From the real-life games that we all love, and many of us miss, to the various adaptations that have emerged this year, escape room bloggers from five different countries share their observations and insights into what makes various types of escape rooms succeed or fail.


David and I are so happy to be a part of this wonderful, collaborative community of escape room bloggers. This is a group with a ton of experience and genuine passion for this industry and those who are a part of it.

In the order that we’ve met them:

The Logic Escapes Me

Moderating this panel, we are lucky to have Ken Ferguson of the UK escape room blog The Logic Escapes Me. Ken is one of our oldest friends in this industry.

Escape Rumors

Randy Hum joined Escape Immerse Explore: New Orleans, where together, we were awed by some outstanding games. He also interviewed us on his first vlog, where he truly surprised us, and we had a fantastic and hilarious time.

Randy should be best known for his fantastic post-game photo poses.

Escape Maniac

Years ago we enjoyed a couple of Berlin escape rooms with Sebastian Miska… followed by a lovely afternoon just chatting about this industry over a few beers.

Sebastian has remained a consistent voice in the German escape room scene for years, and we read everything he writes (through Google Translate).


We’ve been lucky to play local escape rooms – both in real-life and virtually – with Cici and Brandon. In fact, when we met, we were neighbors! This was a total coincidence… Unfortunately we moved about a week after we realized that we were neighbors.

Two Bears Life

We finally met Stefan Bauer & Alex Osorio last year at Up the Game in The Netherlands. At a party, we sat down at their table at the bar early in the evening… we never went to another table.

Additionally, they have by far the most distinctive blog name in the escape room world. It’s not even a close competition.

Escape The Review

David finally met Toby Powell at last year’s ERIC. Toby has significantly pivoted his site in quarantine. We also really appreciate how he has collaborated with us during quarantine, and how supportive he has been of RECON.

El Quinto Elemento

We haven’t played in Spain at all yet, nor have we met Victor Espriu & Maria José Navarro, but now that we’ve chatted we truly hope we get the chance to play together in the not-too-distant future. Barcelona is so high up on our list of places to visit once we can travel again.

We’re so happy to have this fun group of folks and it’s a joy to be bringing them all together virtually for this RECON panel.

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