Monday at 10am: Lisa & David Take the RECON Stage

RECON starts tomorrow (Sunday, August 23) at 10:00am (New York time). Please tune in for our wonderful lineup of Featured Talks.

We will open the second day of RECON (Monday, August 24) with our talk: 2020 US Escape Room Industry Report.

Photo of Lisa and David of Room Escape Artist in their wedding clothes dramatically escaping a bank vault.
Photo by Michael Zawadzki

Follow #Industry-Report in the RECON Discord

We encourage all RECON attendees to join the RECON Discord today, before the start of RECON. This will give you time to get familiar with our virtual venue.

During your RECON Discord check-in, you’ll have the opportunity to “emoji react” to the Featured Talks you’re interested in following. This gives you access to a channel dedicated to that talk and its broader industry topic.

We hope you’ll follow our talk 2020: The State of the Escape Room Industry and chat with us and the rest of the RECON community in the channel #industry-report.

We will share a link to the industry report in the channel, following the streaming of our talk on Monday, August 24 at 10:00am (New York time).

View Talks

The talks will be streamed on the RECON website on the “On Stage” page of the website. You will never need to leave this page. Just refresh it between each talk.

Past Industry Reports

We’ve been covering the escape room industry in the United States since 2014, when we launched the Room Escape Artist Escape Room Directory. As we head into RECON, here’s a look at where we’ve been:

You can expect our 2020 industry report on Monday after we deliver our talk.

RECON Starts Tomorrow

The RECON Discord is a pretty busy place already. There are so many wonderful conversations happening. Register for RECON today and check-in to the RECON Discord ASAP so that you’re ready to go tomorrow morning.

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