Now Available: RECON’s Interview with The Enigmatist

This fall RECON is rereleasing each Featured Talk from this summer’s RECON ’20 Global. These talks will all be made accessible for free on the Room Escape Artist YouTube.

An Interview with the Enigmatist: Blending Puzzles & Magic is now available!

Featured Talk Information

David Kwong of the Enigmatist with an image of a cipher projected on top of him.

Details: Originally presented Monday, August 24 at 13:00 (New York)

Speaker: David Kwong

Company: The Enigmatist

Talk Abstract: The multi-talented David Kwong has made a career out of mystifying and puzzling his audiences. As a stage magician and a New York Times crossword puzzle designer, he ultimately blended both of these careers into one magnificent stage show, The Enigmatist. This conversation explores Kwong’s diverse careers as well as the nuance of creating a show that seamlessly appeals to puzzle experts and complete novices. A good puzzle should always feel like magic. Through this conversation, you’ll gain insight into how to realize that goal.

About RECON ’20

RECON ’20 was Room Escape Artist’s digital escape room convention featuring 15 pre-recorded talks, live Q&As, and over 30 exhibitors. We had over 900 attendees from 62 countries watching and participating live.

Each of the 15 talks will be made available for free on our YouTube channel this fall. We’ll release one each week.

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