You Can Help: Ongoing Industry Research & Reporting

In August we published the 6 Year US Escape Room Industry Report, our fifth in a series of annual reports, released each summer, based on the data we have from maintaining our Directory of Escape Rooms in the US.

This annual report isn’t enough. It’s based entirely on publicly available information.

Hands reaching in together, each with a little piece of a larger heart to make a whole.

Majority Small Business

We’re an industry comprised almost entirely of small businesses. As this year’s report notes:

  • 72% of escape room facilities in the US are single-facility businesses.
  • Only 13 escape room facilities (out of 2,250) received more than $150,000 in PPP loans this year.

Because we’re small, there’s a shortage of available data. That’s where you come in.

2020 Year-End Report

This winter, we’ll be working on another report. It has two main components:

As we all feel the effects of the pandemic, over time, more businesses will close. By documenting the closures as they happen, we’ll have a better understanding of the health of our industry.

Businesses gather information on their operations and their customers. By asking you anonymously about your numbers, and aggregating this information from many businesses around the country, we’ll all learn more together.

Trust & Share

We’ve been observers, researchers, and documenters of this industry for 6 years. We make knowledge accessible. Every single day.

Please fill out this short form to tell us that you’re interested in sharing your data.

If you fill out the form, we’ll be emailing you a short survey in a few weeks.

Please share this form with your contacts in the industry. If you have relationships with escape room owners and operators, please ask them to fill out this form to tell us they too want to share data.

Thank you for helping us share knowledge, so that we can all make smarter, data-driven decisions as businesses and as an industry in 2021 and beyond.

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