Your Escape Room Guide to Halloween Season 2020

Halloween from Home

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit without leaving home, we have you covered. Here are our recommendations for online and tabletop escape games with spooky and haunted overtones.

As with real-life escape rooms, some of these games are scarier than others. There’s a broad range and individual sensibilities vary. The recommendations in this guide range from thematically creepy to overtly scary. You can click into the reviews for additional detail on the experiences.

A pair of hands holding a spooky black mask in the middle of a pumpkin patch.

Online Escape Games

These are the top choices from the Hivemind reviewers:

In addition, we recommend the following games (listed in alphabetical order):

Boxed Escape Games

Other Experiences

Sign up for our 2020 Virtual Escape Jam – Spooky Edition, happening October 18. This is a full-day workshop where you’ll team up with other creators (experienced and aspiring!) to create your own virtual escape game on a spooky theme.

Back Hatch Escapes’ Mother of Frankenstein on Kickstarter. Although the game won’t be here in time for this Halloween, you can support it now and look forward to when it arrives. The Kickstarter has already funded!

If you’d like to recommend other haunted and spooky themed escape games that can be played from home, please share them by commenting on this post.

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