New Video: Escape Room Blogger Bonanza

There are many wonderful escape room bloggers whom we follow. We’ve been lucky to play escape rooms with many of them in our travels over the years. It was a joy to gather some of these international folks together virtually to chat about what makes great real-life and online escape games. Here is that conversation:

Featured Talk Information

Blogger Bonanza: A Fast-Paced Blogger Panel

Details: Originally presented on Sunday, August 23 at 15:00 (New York)


Abstract: From the real-life games that we all love, and many of us miss, to the various adaptations that have emerged this year, escape room bloggers from five different countries share their observations and insights into what makes various types of escape rooms succeed or fail.

Continued Conversation

We invite you to join Sunday’s video watch party and conversation in the RECON Discord. Many of the panelists will be back to chat and we’re looking forward to joining them.


Date: Sunday, October 25

Time: video watching begins at 2:00pm Eastern

Location: The RECON Discord

If you never registered for RECON, you can register here.

About RECON ’20

RECON ’20 was Room Escape Artist’s digital escape room convention featuring 15 pre-recorded talks, live Q&As, and over 30 exhibitors. We had over 900 attendees from 62 countries watching and participating live.

Each of the 15 talks will be made available for free on our YouTube channel this fall. We’ll release one each week.

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