Outdoor Games, The New Frontier

Outdoor escape games aren’t a new format, but they have been a rare format. As the world and the market continue to shift, outdoor games have become much more appealing for both players and owners. Emma Rochon (Improbable Escapes) & Fred Preddy (Escape Maze) share their experience in building beautiful outdoor adventures both in cities and more remote locations.


Escape the Building: Lessons From Outdoor Escape Game Creators

Details: Originally presented Sunday, August 23 at 19:00 (New York)

Speakers: Emma Rochon & Fred Preddy

Company: Improbable Escapes & Escape Maze

Abstract: Improbable Escapes and Escape Maze were building outdoor escape games long before 2020. Emma and Fred will talk about adapting a format that is synonymous with walls into one that fits into various outdoor landscapes.

Emma Rochon & Fred Prede

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