Roy Leban’s The Void Puzzle Crate [Reaction]

The Void is a large puzzle crate. It is available to be rented for a day, delivered to anyone in the Seattle, Washington area.

We had an opportunity to play The Void remotely. Creator Roy Leban (Librarian’s Almanaq & Conjurer’s Almanaq) guided us through the experience over camera. With the exception of one puzzle, that worked remarkably well, especially considering the tangible nature of puzzle elements within the crate.

A large wooden crate with words, letters, and symbols laser etched on all of its faces. The crate is held shut by a 4 digit letter lock.

The incredible elegance of the puzzles and their solutions really stood out to us. We always knew what the puzzles were. They flowed smoothly – even when they were challenging – and came to definitive conclusions. Moreover, the puzzles transformed over the course of the experience; this felt like magic.

There wasn’t much story and there was little spectacle in The Void, but the light narrative that was there felt… of the current era. This was simply a joyous puzzling experience.

Note, although we played The Void remotely, it is not being sold as a remote-play experience. The Void is only available via delivery in the Seattle area.

A Moment of Self-Indulgent Personal Reflection

If you visit The Void’s webpage, you’ll find our enthusiastic quote recommending this game:

“When puzzles are designed as elegantly as these are, it’s easy to miss their brilliance. Each puzzle in The Void solves smoothly and concludes definitively. It’s a magic that’s easily taken for granted.”

That quote is sitting under recommendations from two amazing escape room and puzzle hunt designers Summer Herrick (Locurio) and Brent Holman (Palace Games, Shinteki, and ClueKeeper), as well as Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame and Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic The Gathering… a game that has been a powerful presence in my life since 1996. That last one is a bit of a trip for me.

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