2 Years Ago This Month

We joined Patreon two years ago this month.

We were committed to launching our Patreon page before the end of 2018, but actually doing so was a bit of a mad scramble.

We rearranged our apartment and all of our lights to record that video. Moments after recording, we rushed to the airport for a friend’s wedding and a few days of West Coast escape rooms! We returned to an apartment in disarray… all of the lights pointed towards one spot.

The mad scramble was worth it.

Lisa & David in

Because of your support over the past two years, we’ve been able to do more, take risks, find new opportunities, and produce content at a higher level. And speaking of producing better content, we should probably record a new intro video for Patreon. We’ve gotten better at video since then.

I don’t think that anyone has solved all of the ciphers in this video. I’m not sure we remember how to solve one of them.

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our Patreon backers – those of you who joined us back in 2018, joined this fall, and any time in between:

Amanda Harris
Andrew Sturridge
Angie Meyers
Anne Lukeman
Ben Rosner
Bill Chang
Breakout Games
Brett Kuehner
Brian Resler
Bronna Butler
C.J. Smith
Cara Mandel
Chris Cannon
Chris M. Dickson
Chris White
Crystal Farr
Daniel Egnor
Daniel Kolb
Darren Miller
David Longley
Derek Tam
Drew Nelson
Eric Mittler
Farand Pawlak
Game On
Greg Marinelli
Jim of PARADOXsquared
John Wardrope
Jon Kaufthal

Joseph Allen
Joseph Friesen
Josh Kendrick
Julie Burge
Justin Nevins
Kurt Leinbach
Lee-Fay Low
Marisa Capobianco
Mark Blume
Mark Denine
Matt Beverly
Matt Keyser
Michael Wolman
Mihir Kedia
Nathan Walton
Neda Delavarpour
Negina Kolesar
Nick Moran
Nick Rose
No Proscenium
Omer Aru
Patrick McLean
Patrick McNamara
Paul Tashima
Paula Swann
Philip Ho
Rebecca Horste

Rene Sorette
Rex Miller
Rich Bragg
Richard Burns
Rob Tsuk
Ryan Brady
Ryan Hart
S T Cameron
Samantha Koehler
Sara Reed
Scott Olson
Sean McBride
Seth Wolfson
Stephanie McNeill
Steven Valdez
Stuart Bogaty
Stuart Nafey
Tahlia Kirk
Tammy McLeod
Terry Pettigrew-Rolapp
The Wild Optimists
Theresa Piazza
Theresa Wagner
Tiffany Schaefer
Todd Geldon
Todd McClary
Victor van Doorn
Vivien Ripoll

If you’d like to join this wonderful group of people, you can back us on Patreon right here.

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