December 2020 US Stimulus: A Breakdown By & For Escape Room Owners

  • This is a quick, no frills post for US escape room owners because time is not on anyone’s side.
  • Below you’ll find a link to a breakdown of the December 2020 COVID/ stimulus section: p. 1924-2467.
Comic book art of hands signing a document.
  • This analysis was primarily the work of Andrew Preble (Escape My Room, New Orleans, LA) and Ethan Rodriguez-Torrent (Escape New Haven, New Haven, CT), with some help from Anne Lukeman (Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space, Urbana, IL).
  • Time is key because if you want to apply for the EIDL Advance, you only have about a day.
  • They say this in their post, but I will reiterate it. They aren’t lawyers. I am not a lawyer. This breakdown is simply to try to help make things a bit easier for escape room owners. Read the law, consult your legal and financial advisors.


  1. For anyone concerned they may have missed the boat, the EIDL application period has been extended to the end of 2021, as announced a few days after this post was made. As of this date (Jan 2) guidance for all these programs are still pending and are not yet actionable by either SBA or the banks (depending on program). I recommend subscribing to the SBA mailing list for earliest notification.

  2. Friends, does not seem that SVOG was re-visited on this blog – yet it could be such a vital source of funds! I am under impression that the vast majority of applications from ERs (mine among them) were denied. I also know some were accepted. Now that the appeal process has opened, perhaps we could issue some best-practice guidance from the successful applications? Thanks @Andrew Preble for a wonderful pre-application analysis!

    1. We haven’t revisited it yet, because the dust hasn’t settled. However we will have Andrew speaking at an AMA session for Pro Pass holders at this year’s RECON.

      We’d love to have you there.

  3. David, by the time the dust settles it will be too late. The appeal period is only too weeks long. After that the opportunity is gone. Let’s have a blog post about it now? And I will make sure to get a Pro Pass 🙂

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