The 2021 Cryptex Hunt is On

A quick reminder: This year’s Cryptex Hunt has commenced.

Pokemon meme depicting a trainer facing off against a Nevins cryptex reads, "Wild Cryptex appeared!"

Justin Nevins, Errol Elumir, and company (including REA’s own Sarah Willson, among many more of our friends) have created a unique puzzle hunt through 8-bit text adventures.

Errol made a remarkable text-based puzzle game a few months ago that blew my damn mind.

Text adventure: Pixel art kitchen depicts your character's wife and the plate of eggs she made for you.
Errol’s Present Quest

If you’re new to puzzle hunts, I strongly suggest that you take a look at my Puzzle Hunt 101 primer.

If you aren’t already participating, I’d suggest gathering your puzzle friends and getting involved. This crew always does interesting, innovative, and fun things.

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