Lisa & David Talk Box One & the State of the Tabletop Escape World on Puzzling Company

Update 6/15/21: If you enjoyed Box One, we hope you’ll check out our interview with creator Neil Patrick Harris on The Reality Escape Pod.

Last week we sat down for a lovely conversation with Jared and Zack of the tabletop escape gaming podcast Puzzling Company.

Illustrated Puzzling Company Podcast logo depicts two guys playing a tabletop escape game.

In the first half, we talked about the incredible Box One. In the other two halves, we talked about the state of the tabletop escape room world… there is a lot of episode here (~2 hours and 15 minutes worth of episode).

We talk about the different types of tabletop escape games: mass market, bespoke, and subscription. We cover the product life cycle too. Then we also dig into many of the 11 Principles of Tabletop Escape Game Design. And the conversation goes far deeper.

Give Them A Subscribe

If you’re into tabletop escape games, you should be following Puzzling Company. These guys are doing it right, and for the right reasons.

Checkout their 10 episode catalog with more on the way.

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