Please Help: Looking For Our Long, Lost, Rich, & Eccentric Uncle

Hello Internet,

It has been a long year and as I reflect back upon it, I feel strongly that it would have been a much better year if we were fabulously wealthy.

Alas, that isn’t the case… but I am hoping that you can help us solve this little problem.

Since 2014, we have been rigorously training for a particular scenario:

“Our long lost uncle has passed away. His will detailed that we are entitled to his fortune if we can solve a series of puzzles in his quirky abode within 60 minutes.”

Lots of gold bullion

We are so ready for this challenge. We are a finely tuned Wealthy Eccentric Uncle Puzzle Solving Machine®. However we are still missing said uncle. If experience has taught us anything, he is in fact out there.

Please help us find him. We’d like to get to know him a bit before he passes and we earn his estate.

Gratefully yours,

David & Lisa


  1. I’m a firm believer in the WEUPSM® model, although its performance history usually doesn’t yield inclusion in wills, but rather only digital photos with numbers separated by a colon. However, the law of numbers dictates that eventually, with enough attempts from enough performing participants, WEUPSM® will turn out a success!

  2. Sorry it’s not your long lost uncle… However Your Great Aunt Myrtle Ethrington passed away reently, Since she had no children of her own, her final wishes were that only those in her family that are worthy and will carry on her love of games and puzzles will inherit the treasures that she had secretly stashed away. A Tiki bar on a polenesian island is known to be part of the inherited fortune…

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