Twizzlers Twists, Mystery Flavor [Review]

The Twist You Can’t Deduce

Location:  at home

Date Played: May 31, 2021

Team size: a 16oz bag is a lot of Twizzlers, trust me

REA Reaction

Let’s get this out of the way: classic Twizzlers are allegedly “strawberry” flavored. I like classic Twizzlers, but if you were to put an unlabeled classic Twizzler in my mouth and ask me to guess what the “according to Hershey” flavor is, “strawberry” is not what I’d guess.

Rendering of Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor packaging, and product surrounded by question marks.

The classic Twizzler tastes like “red.” Classic Twizzlers resemble the taste of strawberry in the same way that mozzarella tastes like bacon.

All of this is to say that actually identifying the flavor of any Twizzlers product is a bit like playing a game of “guess what number I’m thinking?” You’re not going to get it right, and if you did, it’s because you got lucky.

The positive news is that these Mystery Flavor Twizzlers Twists taste pretty good. Also, I respect the overall execution by Hershey: no crazy contests, no forms, and no insane legalese… just a classic “guess the flavor” product that has a pleasant enough taste, if you like Twizzlers.

I have a few guesses as to the flavor, and you can find them below… but I think the flavor matters less than the friends we made along the way. Seriously, the first time I went to a friend’s house post-quarantine I found myself eating these. How sad is that?

A brownish mystery flavor Twizzler beside a classic Twizzler.

Who is this for?

  • Twizzlers fans
  • Mystery food junkies

Why play?

  • If you like Twizzlers, they taste pretty good


There’s nothing complex here. You eat them… and then speculate blindly as to what they are.

I recommend having the Mystery Flavor Twizzlers Twists side-by-side with classic Twizzlers for maximum flavor confusion. I mean seriously… I know that I’ve already said this in a few different ways, but are classic Twizzlers twigs that wished upon a star to be real strawberries?

Back of a Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor package opened up.


Mystery Flavor Twizzlers Twists taste good enough. I prefer the originals, but in the Mystery Flavor Game, any product that I can eat more than one of without questioning the life choices that lead to me eating this food is a big win. This more than comfortably cleared that bar.

➖ I have no clue what I ate… and it’s sort of difficult to make a game out of something that seems so far away from actual flavors that occur in nature. That said, here are a few guesses:

Spoiler: What did it taste like?

Maybe grape, raspberry, or blackberry??? Honestly, I have no idea. The scent was strongly grape. The coloration made my brain lean towards blackberry (color is usually a lie in the Mystery Flavor Game), and the taste was… aspiring towards fruit. I don’t know. You’re not here for real answers… you’re here for snarky entertainment.

A magnifying glass with a question mark, surrounded by the text, "can you guess the mystery flavor"

➕/➖ The packaging looked good, if a little cliché. It was decidedly Twizzlers, with a mystery flair. You know there’s a mystery afoot because there are lots of question marks and a magnifying glass.

➕ I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. I’m glad there wasn’t some insane contest where the lawyer who drafted the terms and conditions made more money than the winner of the prize payout. Simplicity of execution is my preference.

❓ 16 ounces of Twizzlers is a lot. I mean… maybe when I was younger I’d have felt differently, but at this point in my life, polishing off a full bag of Twizzlers feels about as doable as climbing K2.

Tips For Playing

  • Twizzlers Twists, Mystery Flavor are available on Amazon
  • Do this with friends; 16 ounces of Twizzlers is a lot.

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