Tell Your Friends: The RECON Event Schedule

No, seriously, tell your friends… especially if they work in the escape room industry. We’re really excited about RECON ’21 Global and we’d love your help getting the word out.

RECON 21 tickets, something for everybody, everywhere. Starts at Free.

Featured Talks

These cover everything from set design to hinting, to how to build your first escape room tech project. There’s something for everyone. We have 14 featured talks.

After each talk, the speakers will be live for a Q&A hosted by Peih-Gee Law of Reality Escape Pod. You get to submit your questions.


Workshops are an exciting new part of RECON ’21. Each Pro Ticket holder gets to take part in one of these 2-hour sessions with an experienced creator (and popular speaker from last year). In these active learning small-group sessions, you take part in the creative process.

Note: if you’re interested in Mundane to Cool: Creative Puzzle Design, the workshop hosted by The Test Subjects, there are just a couple of tickets left.

Woman wearing a black t-shirt with the RECON 21 phoenix and a hidden message.

After-Hours Events

We’re excited to announce two new events for after each full day of talks, workshops, and discussions concludes:

On Sunday, there is the Escape This Podcast – Live Event with Dani & Bill. You’ll get to help their guests solve the puzzles!

On Monday, The Two Bears Discord Variety Hour will be a session of trivia, gameshow-style questions, and puzzles with Alex and Stefan of Two Bears Life blog, hosting Manda and Errol of the Room Escape Divas. You get to play along live!

More Games

The RECON Play Pass gets more exciting every day. Not only does it give you exclusive access to three limited-run games from top creators at Trapped Puzzle Rooms (of Minneapolis), Deadlocked Escape Rooms (of London), and Club Drosselmeyer’s Green Door Labs (of Boston)… but now it gives you access to many more online games of different styles.

Learn more about all the games available at RECON.

Please tell your friends to get their tickets, post in the escape room Facebook groups, and share your excitement on social media. Just show them the schedule, and that should do the trick. This is going to be an incredible 2 days. We can’t wait to see you at RECON.

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