At RECON Right Now: NPH Introduces REA

RECON is today!

Right now, on the RECON Stage, Neil Patrick Harris is introducing RECON ’21 Global and the first talk, David and Lisa’s keynote The Promise & Possibilities of Escape Rooms.


Here is the event schedule.

Today, there are 7 featured talks. They cover how puzzle design, building immersive environments, how to get started with basic escape tech, and so much more.

For Pro Ticket holders, there are many opportunities to network through the RECON Discord, including workshops and facilitated discussions.

For Play Pass holders, there are tons of games taking place all day.

And this evening, join us in the RECON Discord at 20:00 (New York) for the Escape This Podcast Live Event.

RECON 21 phoenix insignia.


Don’t miss out on this event. You can still get a ticket today.

Today, you’ll find us in the RECON Discord. Come say hi. See you at RECON!

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