RECON Day 2 – Today’s Top Picks

RECON is back this morning!

Here is the event schedule.

RECON phoenix rising from the flames.

Featured Talks

We have 7 talks scheduled today. They cover a variety of topics including tabletop escape games, hint systems, and marketing. There’s something for everyone.

To conclude the talks, Elan Lee will share Escape Rooms Taught Me How to Build a Booth That Got Me Kicked Out of Comic-Con and then wrap up the day with a conversation with David and Lisa.

Pro & VIP Conversations

There are workshops, facilitated discussions, and birds of a feather conversations happening in the RECON Discord. These are all great networking opportunities.

Additionally, there is an AMA about escape room industry advocacy and lobbying with Andrew Preble (Escape My Room & ERGO).

Game Hall

The RECON games experience continues today for all Play Pass holders.

Sign up in the RECON Discord for your time to play Trapped Puzzle Rooms’ Escape From Escape Island.

And look for the RECON Discord channels where you can join in on the fun of Green Door Lab’s Space Cats!

At 11:30am, Great Gotham Challenge’s CTRL/ALT/DECODE MMXXI runs again (it also ran yesterday) and all Play Pass holders are invited to join.

These are just a few of the highlights of RECON ’21 games.

Exhibit Hall

We have a wide variety of sponsors and exhibitors showcasing products at RECON this year. We invite all attendees – owners, creators, and players – to check out the Exhibit Hall channels in the RECON Discord. There’s something for everyone.

Also, please head to the demo stage in the RECON Discord for live product demos!

Woman wearing a black t-shirt with the RECON 21 phoenix and a hidden message.


We hope you’ll show off your RECON swag today in the video channels. It’s not too late to purchase from the RECON swag shop: shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, stickers, and more!

After Hours

RECON wraps up tonight with The Two Bears Discord Variety Hour. Join us for some trivia, gameshow-style questions, and puzzle fun. Then find us in the video channel pubs!

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