It’s TERPECA Voting Time!

It’s that time of year where escape room players can cast their vote in an ever-growing community project called Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts’ Choice Award, or TERPECA.

Through TERPECA, international escape room players come together to surface the very best escape rooms.

TERPECA 2021 logo.


If you’ve played at least 50 escape rooms, you’re eligible to vote!


Go to the TERPECA voter portal to get started.


Voting is currently open. You have until December 1, 2021 to cast your vote.


No buts. You should vote.

If you voted last year, the system will present your 2020 ranking as a starting place, and highlight any new games you mark as played as “new” which makes the whole process much easier.

If you’ve played mostly online rooms, don’t worry. They have their own category.

If you own an escape room, you can still vote. You just can’t vote for your own games.

If you can’t remember all the games you’ve played, you can select just the ones you do remember and rank those.

Learn More

We’ve covered TERPECA in more detail in the past. These select pieces will give you more insight into the project and the results.

Note, David and I share a vote on the TERPECA board. It is not our project, but we do our best to help guide it and we’re excited to see if grow. We hope you’ll join in.

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