Adding Seating to Your Escape Room

After playing an escape room, one of the most experienced players in the world said to me:

“It was a great game… and I’m really glad it had a chair. I needed it.”

Since the very beginning of escape rooms, we’ve seen some creators deliberately choose to include seating in their games.

Not everyone includes seating in their games. Not every game can handle seating, either because of space, or because of a game mechanic.

When your game can reasonably include a seat or two… it probably should.

A blue bench with white lettering, reads: "I'd rather be sitting. Sit if you agree."
Photo taken in The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

Why Chairs?

When it is feasible, a few seats in your escape game can make the experience considerably more friendly for just about everyone:

  • Older folks
  • Younger folks
  • People with mobility struggles or just about any health issue
  • Players who aren’t feeling great… or are just having a hard day
  • Pregnant folks
  • (People who don’t want to be in an escape room)
  • Me… and I have some serious escape room endurance

Look, you never know what’s going on in your players’ lives, and sometimes a chair in an escape room allows someone to take a breather, and that will allow them to press forward with renewed vigor.

Even if you’re going for something hyper-immersive, most environments can justify a seat or two… so give your players the option. Some of them will thank you for it.


  1. Also, sometimes just having a place to sit while you look at a puzzle can help!

    And… if you’re deep into an escape room marathon, and convenient chair can be such a blessing… 🙂

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