Turkey Hill – Mystery Flavor Ice Cream [Review]

It’s weird when a mystery flavor has *real* food in it.

Location:  at home

Date Played: Feb 5, 2022

Team size: one 48oz tub can go a long way

REA Reaction

Lisa and I love us some ice cream. As our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide can attest, we are into ice cream to a degree where we’re willing to buy a serious scoop.

When our Patreon community pointed out that Turkey Hill had released a mystery flavor ice cream, there was a 100% chance that we were trying it. Three grocery stores later, I had a tub in my hand and a scoop in my bowl.

Tub of Turkey Hill Mystery Flavor Ice Cream.

The verdict? It was pretty good, especially for a mystery flavor product… most of which taste like a bring-your-child-to-work day activity was turned into a product.

Turkey Hill’s Mystery Flavor Ice Cream tasted like it had a number of real ingredients. There were actually distinguishable flavors within that weren’t a fantastical facsimile of flavor. To top that off, there were some legitimate clues to the flavor in the ingredients, because unlike all of the mystery flavor candy we’ve reviewed, you don’t need to speak chemistry to know what some of the things in this ice cream are.

We shared the ice cream with some friends and everyone was happy eating their scoop. Some liked it enough to have more scoops. I have a hard time getting excited about fruity ice cream, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of Turkey Hill’s ice cream, which I had never had before. I’ll be picking up some of their regular flavors when it warms up… so I guess I fell into their trap.

An open tub of Mystery Flavor Ice Cream, it looks white with purple inclusions.

Good on you, Turkey Hill. You win this one.

Who is this for?

  • Fruity ice cream fans
  • Mystery food junkies

Why play?

  • For a sweet and fruity ice cream, it was pretty good
  • There were distinct and identifiable flavors


Mostly, it’s an unusually flavored ice cream to enjoy and speculate over.

Beyond the flavor puzzle, Turkey Hill’s Mystery Flavor Ice Cream is paired with a sweepstakes. If you submit a correct guess before March 14, 2022, you can be eligible for one of the many prize drawings.

Close up of white ice cream with purple inclusions.


➕ Turkey Hill’s Mystery Flavor Ice Cream tasted good and had real ingredients in it.

➕ The ingredients list, in addition to being a legal requirement, feels like a legitimate set of clues as they were largely readable by normal humans.

Spoiler: What did it taste like?

I feel reasonably confident that the flavor is Blueberry Cobbler. There were clearly blueberries in the product. They were listed in the ingredients. There was a caramel or toffee vibe as well. This led me down a rabbit hole of learning the difference between caramel and toffee. Interesting stuff. Caramel seems like a pain to make.


➕ The packaging and presentation were clean, clear, and unremarkable.

➕ The sweepstakes, its rules, and its administration seem simple enough. Looking over the rules wasn’t a mind-bending reminder of why I decided not to go to law school.

➕ The sweepstakes form was simple and well designed.

➖ This was a legitimately good mystery flavor product. It’s kind of sad because the disaster is usually more than half the fun. Turkey Hill’s competence in executing this product is uncalled for; it has robbed us all of comedy and snark.

Tips For Playing

  • Turkey Hill’s “Where to buy” feature will tell you what stores carry their products, but not the specific flavors in stock… so it might take a little effort to get your hands on their Mystery Flavor Ice cream.

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