Calling for Escape Room Directory Updates

We’re doing a comprehensive escape room directory update this month in advance of another industry report (coming soon!) We really appreciate your help keeping the directory up to date.

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Review Your Local Area*

If you (yes, you!) could take a few minutes to check our directory for your local area, or any area where you know the escape room market, we’d really appreciate it.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Find a Room” top level menu on the Room Escape Artist website. (Or click here.)
  2. Scroll down to the map with pins, followed by a listing of escape rooms.
  3. Click the “By Address” button (below the listings).
  4. Type your city or your ZIP code. Select the radius you think you’ll be familiar with. Click “ok.”
  5. Take a look at the zoomed in map and/or list and look for inaccuracies.

*The REA directory only covers the United States. It does not include mobile escape room facilities or physical venues offering exclusively VR or online escape rooms.

Check For Inaccuracies

This is the information we’re most interested in:

Newly opened facilities: Are we missing any facilities? If you know of facilities that have opened recently, please double check that they are included already.

Permanently closed facilities: Are you seeing facilities that have closed? If you know of facilities that have closed recently, please double check that you don’t find them. (If you search “By Text” you can search facilities by the name of the company.)

Outdated information: Do you notice anything that looks wrong? Common errors include:

  • New name – Yes, these companies change name a lot… or maybe we just have a typo.
  • New address – It’s hard for us to catch when a company moves location.
  • Outdated URL – If they’ve changed their URL (especially if they didn’t redirect an old link), we might have a dead link.

Review Your Own Company

If you’re an escape room owner or employee reading this, please double check your own company’s facility/ facilities.

You can use the the search “By Text” button and type in your company name. Click “ok.” Then click on the pin or the listing that comes up (hopefully there’s a listing!) and you can verify the address and URL more easily. You’ll also see links to any reviews that we have.

Submit Updates

Please contact us with any updates!

And if you have friends who can check other areas, please share this post with them.

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