Available Now: The Discontinued Directional Locks Are Cheap On Amazon

Love it or hate it, Master Lock 1500iD, commonly known as the “directional lock,” has been discontinued. I have a lot of thoughts about this that I will be sharing in a future piece.

After the word got out that these locks were disappearing, they rapidly sold out on all of the common (and less common) online retailers. I know that a lot of escape room owners gobbled them up to keep their current games afloat.

So it seemed like that was the end of the 1500iD story… but it’s not dead quite yet.

Get It While You Can

Amazon has a restock on 1500iD’s.

I bought two of them, one for the aforementioned piece on directional locks… the other as a trophy of sorts. A remembrance of all of the times that a gamemaster – knowing full well how many hundreds of escape rooms I’ve played – would look me in the eye and tell me how to operate a directional lock… like a cat staring you in the eyes as he pushes your stuff off the table.

But I digress.

Whether you’re a game creator looking to stock up or a player looking for a little keepsake, I strongly recommend getting them while you still can.

Supplies won’t last.

Speaking of strong opinions…

We made a lovely pair of shirts to commemorate the life and times of the directional lock… or bemoan the existence of the thing. It’s up to you. I’m not here to tell you how to feel about a lock.

Express yourself with a Directional Lock Halo Shirt or a Directional Lock Horns Shirt.

Blue Directional Lock shirt with a halo beside a red Directional Lock shirt with horns.
Printed on luxurious and soft Bella Canvas shirts.
Available in unisex and women’s cuts in most adult sizes.

They both make me smile.

And I hope that no self-respecting gamemaster will explain the operation of these locks to me while I’m wearing one of these shirts.

Get yours for a limited time over on the RECON swag shop.

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